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Quick Tips: Organize Your Kitchen

September 15, 2020

DSC03455Most people are spending a lot more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. An organized home helps us destress our lives... how about starting with your kitchen?

The key to a clutter free kitchen starts with organizing your pantry... but that can be daunting. Clever storage solutions help solve this problem.

Categorize Your Pantry
Group similar items (cereal, pasta, canned fruit, spices etc.) This will help cut down cooking time and eliminate the hunt for a specific item

Get Creative With Pantry Storage

  1. Clear storage containers are perfect for storing your items and keeping food fresh
  2. 81jmzdOoerL._AC_SL1500_Stair stepper organizers are good for canned goods, and heavier items
  3. Lazy susans are perfect to find spices
  4. Stackable Shelving and wired baskets can help declutter and keep items visible
  5. Wheeled shelving units allow you to place your shelving where you need it
  6. Never misplace your food container lids with this lid organizer
  7. Pull out drawers allow you to grab hard to reach items



Get Your pans in Order
Keep baking sheets, pots (and lids), pans and other cookware visible and tidy with an expandable organizer

Organize Your Silverware
Revamp your cutlery drawer this this expandable silverware drawer that can adjust to any drawer

Extra Advice
If you have an underused closet near your kitchen revamp it into pantry space with a rolling shelving unit

Tips derived from these articles : house beautiful and John L. Scott