New Home Orientation

Home Orientations... Made for you

Before We Get Started

45 Days before close

Our Team will reach out to schedule your New Home Orientation.  During this time you will be finalizing your financing and we will be finishing up all the details.  

By this time your new home has passed dozens of inspections, all in preparation for Final Inspections and the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy (the green light for you to move in).

If you plan to have a Third Party Inspection now is the time to schedule that. 

New Home Orientation

The fun part! 

You're almost at the end of your home buying journey! Last but definitely not least is The New Home Orientation & Walkthrough.

Your homeowner orientation is an introduction to your new home and its many features—a meeting that goes beyond the traditional walk-through. It includes a detailed demonstration of your home and review of information on home maintenance and warranties provided to you.  It is also your opportunity to ask questions and point out anything that needs our attention. 

Attention to Detail

This is your time

Your attention is critical during this first visit with your new home.  To limit distractions we ask that only the buyers listed on the contract attend the Home Orientation. 

We are happy to fix any cosmetic blemishes you see during the orientation and sometimes can fix them before the orientation is complete. However, if you're distracted and miss something it will likely not be covered after move in.  

We appreciate that friends and family are excited to see your new home, however, it would be best if they visit at another time. 

Closing Time

the moment we have all been waiting for

Closing is defined as when final recording numbers are received from the County. Closings normally occur between 1:00pm and 4:00pm. You will be notified of your home closing by your Escrow agent and/or Realtor. Turnover and arrangements for your keys will generally be provided to you by your agent.

If there are any remaining items from your orientation, our Customer Care Team will arrange for completion as soon as possible.

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