Third-Party Inspections

Third-Party Inspections

Prior to the completion of a new home the permitting jurisdiction will have performed over 20 inspections.  Some new home buyers will still elect to hire a Third-Party inspector.

When you buy a Rush Home you are welcome to have a Home Inspection with the inspector of your choice prior to close.

Any outside inspections must be coordinated with the Rush sales agent. All Rush construction schedules include a Third-Party Inspection date just for you.  Your Home Orientation letter will include that date for your planning purposes.

Third-Party Inspections must be completed a few days before your Home Orientation.

If there are items to be addressed from your Home Inspection, a copy of your Home Inspection Report must be sent to your Rush sales agent for review and comment.  

You are responsible for any outside inspection fees.


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Celebrating 35 Years

This year we’re celebrating 35 years of Rush! As Founder Gordon Rush will happily tell you, it’s the customers and the employees who have made this company what it is today. As we look back, we feel so lucky that over the last 35 years we’ve been able to play such an intimate role in people’s lives—from building a family’s home, to constructing a medical clinic that will save lives, we’re honored to have a hand in the growth of our community.

As we look to the future, it’s our goal to keep getting better at what we do and continue to be strategic in how we grow. We’re honored to be a part of building an exceptional future together in the Puget Sound Region!



Impeccable Craftsmanship

Buyers at many price points and every stage of life choose to call a Rush Residential home their own. At Rush Residential, our mission is to build communities that exceed expectations. Rush’s discerning attention to materials, systems, and construction is unsurpassed in our region. With an emphasis on quality, custom designs, customer care, and responsible practices, every home we build is designed to be enjoyed for generations to come.

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Boutique-Style Local Builder

When you purchase a Rush Residential home at pre-sale, you’re able to make the home uniquely yours! Pre-sale homes allow homeowners to personalize their dream homes by select colors, finishes, layouts, upgrades, and more. We put exceptional care into the finishes and materials that we offer to ensure our homes are both timeless and on trend. Every Rush home includes standard features that many other builders charge upgrades for. We are proud to build homes that are simply beautiful—without the need for homeowners to spend thousands more on upgrades.

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